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Inclusive Learning for Your Child’s Well-Being

Offering 3,000 square feet of play area for children, Jacksonville Child Development is where holistic learning and camaraderie among all is encouraged. Children with various types of special needs, their siblings, and their friends come to our center to work on their social skills, enhancing the way they interact and connect with others. Our young learners play alongside each other in small groups of 10 or less and can participate in a variety of activities, such as hands-on arts and crafts and pretend play.

Group Sessions

We offer two-hour sessions that incorporate all types of fun for children! During this time, kids can rotate to different activity stations that will last for about 20 minutes each. This gives them time to get to know someone else, as well as improve their own learning abilities. If your child cannot do a specific activity, we can add extra time at another station that your child prefers. We are happy to customize your child's experience.

Groups are selected based on times and availability. Our special needs learning facility keeps the numbers down to prevent overstimulation problems. We ensure that there is plenty of room so our students remain comfortable. For more information, give us a call today.

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